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Author:John S. Mitchell, MIMOSA
An economic model for justifying equipment asset management and utilization In today's process and manufacturing environment, intense pressures to reduce expenses, tighter restrictions, and declining resources necessitate new methods to...
Saturday, 01 May 1999 | 2630 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Katherine Berntzen and Gene Rowe, Charles Brooks Associates, Inc.
Reliable Predictable Manufacturing process eliminates defects in can line at Coors, improving performance and cutting costs. There is universal agreement that improved machine performance can control and reduce...
Friday, 01 October 1999 | 1722 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Ken Bever, Entek
Effective optimization of productive assets relies on input from information systems representing all parts of the enterprise. Open standards make it possible. Manufacturing and production enterprises are under intense...
Wednesday, 01 September 1999 | 1684 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Mark A. Goodman, Vice President, Engineering, UE Systems, Inc.
Ultrasound equipment can identify compressed air leaks so they can be repaired before they result in unscheduled downtime, affect product quality, pollute the environment, or endanger people's lives. Photograph courtesy UE Systems, Inc. ...
Monday, 01 November 1999 | 2487 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Milton Bevington, PSDI
Upgradability, integratability, scalability, and mobility It is 1999. The maintenance function has come of age. Its performance can be planned, measured, tracked, and im-proved. The data it generates can be captured, analyzed, disseminated, and...
Sunday, 01 August 1999 | 1516 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:MT Staff
The pressure on hospitals to reduce costs is felt everywhere from the operating room to the engineering department. With more than 3 million square feet in 28 buildings to maintain, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago has a staff...
Tuesday, 01 June 1999 | 2086 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:MT Staff
Availability of replacement parts tops list of important supplier services and offerings. A 1998 survey of corporate purchasing decision-makers to identify key issues in maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) supply...
Thursday, 01 April 1999 | 9087 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:MT Staff
One facet of a strong preventive maintenance program is proper lubrication. In order to prolong machine life, there are three approaches to lubricating: Manual lubrication with a grease gun is the simplest alternative if the...
Friday, 01 January 1999 | 2549 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:MT Staff
Used oil analysis determines the condition of the lubricant; ferrography determines the condition of the machine. You have a sound preventive maintenance program in place. You have even added some predictive maintenance elements...
Monday, 01 February 1999 | 1672 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:R. Scot Foss, Plant Air Technology
A sensible viewpoint on managing plant compressed air systems. Compressed air is a critical power resource in most manufacturing and process environments. It constitutes from 7-40 percent of the total electrical use in most plants. If the...
Tuesday, 01 June 1999 | 2377 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more

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