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Author:Blaine Pardoe, Enterprise Management Systems
Perhaps one of the most over-used and abused phrases we've been hearing in the past 2 years is, "the new economy." This vague, ill-defined reference speaks to the rise of Internet-based companies, fast-paced...
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Author:Edwin K. Jones, PE
The popular benchmarking metric of cost/ERV is a valuable tool for setting long-term goals when used correctly in conjunction with targets for plant reliability. Here is how it is calculated. Measures of maintenance cost...
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Author:MT Staff
Oil analysis can go far beyond simply revealing the condition of the lubricant. Advanced oil analysis techniques are being used to monitor equipment condition. Through the use of these advanced techniques, equipment ...
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Author:Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor
Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor In the last issue, I complained about gearheads, people who have a tendency to focus on tactical gear-oriented solutions to reliability and maintenance issues before dealing with more important strategic...
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Author:S. Bradley Peterson, Strategic Asset Management, Inc.
Asset healthcare framework matches the effort and type of equipment maintenance intervention to the criticality of the system and the component. For many years as I have given public and industry presentations I...
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