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Author:Hasnain Jivajee and Ian Culbert, Iris Power Engineering Inc.
With advancements in digital electronics and reduced component costs in recent years, monitoring instruments for use in condition-based maintenance programs have become more cost-effective and dependable. Machinery does not need to be taken...
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Author:Howard C. Cooper, Amemco
How the Y = f(x) thought process can lead the way to lean maintenance reliability Too many times in lean manufacturing and other lean environments, 10-40 year old equipment is redeployed, moved, and organized into lean cells without...
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Author:Jon Barber, Spraying Systems Co.
Major savings in time and money can be achieved through an aggressive spray system optimization program. Spray nozzles are vital components in many production facilities. Their accuracy, durability, and interchangeability are absolutely...
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Author:Michael Eisenbise, PE, CMRP, CPE, Fluor Corp.
Process also establishes staffing needs. Currently many maintenance budgets are developed based on previous maintenance budgets or a percentage of the replacement asset value (RAV) of maintained equipment. Sometimes maintenance budgets and...
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Author:Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor
Robert C. Baldwin, CMRP, Editor I’ve been living the road warrior life this fall—out of the office traveling six weeks in the previous two months. And there is more to come. I can’t do my job without traveling. Fortunately, I...
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Author:Robert M. Williamson, Strategic Work Systems, Inc.
Robert M. Williamson, Strategic Work Systems, Inc. A top manager from one of the largest businesses (I will call it the Company) in the U.S. who is responsible for the procurement and installation of hundreds of millions of dollars of...
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Author:Terrence O'Hanlon,
I get bombarded with maintenance product news and seldom get excited about the “innovations” in the maintenance marketplace. This changed the other day when Universal Technologies Interactive sent me news of an online “Skills...
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Author:Verl Davis, AssetPoint
Six steps to developing successful preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Many large organizations have highly sophisticated preventive and predictive maintenance departments that are staffed with well-trained technicians. Other ...
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