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Author:C. Scott MacMillan and Lance Morris, Cohesive Information Solutions Inc.
Phase two: Best practice methodologies for system implementation Now that the best EAM/ CMMS application for your business has been selected, the deployment phase begins. But an EAM system is not a plug-and-play application. Will you miss out on...
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Author:Joseph C. Pearson and Dilip A. Pandya, United States Postal Service
In 1999-2001, the New Jersey International & Bulk Mail Center (NJI&BMC) in Jersey City, one of the largest United States Postal Service facilities, was concerned about its eight 33-year-old motor control centers (MCCs). Events forced a decision to...
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Author:Linda K. Fischer, Associate Editor
Machinery vibration monitoring and analysis are fundamental to predictive maintenance and continuous plant improvement. Here is information to help you with a vibration program. Technician uses laser velocity transducer to take vibration...
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Author:Mike Willard, Life Cycle Engineering Inc.
Management within many maintenance organizations views its workforce as “resources” that provide the hands necessary to perform a function or to complete a task. In most instances, the use of these workers as resources has been well planned in...
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Author:MT Staff
Predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques are commonly used on motors and drives. But how often is the power to the equipment inspected? Adding basic power quality measurements to equipment maintenance procedures can head off unexpected failures in...
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Author:MT Staff
You have probably heard about blogs (weblogs) by now. For example, features nine different maintenance-related blogs by various authors, including a terrific motor blog series by Howard Penrose, Ph.D. More than likely you have...
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Author:MT Staff
Keeping an eye on the Internet is an enjoyable perk of my job as editor. One of the gurus I watch is Jakob Nielsen, an expert in the usability of user interfaces to software applications and Web sites. The title of one of his recent newsletters,...
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Author:MT Staff
Our vocational-technical education infrastructure has been decimated over the past 30 years. The basic skills and knowledge for maintaining our industrial machinery and equipment are in critically short supply. This shortage is having a...
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Author:Tom Byerley, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
These days it seems that our economic engine is running just a bit ragged. Generally, it is performing fairly well, but we can’t seem to get the ultra-smooth, high-speed performance that we would like. It sputters a bit every now and then. Just...
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