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Author:Brad Peterson, President, Strategic Asset Management (SAMI)
In the Aflac commercial, Yogi says, "It's what you need if you don't got it…and it's as good as cash." The Speed of Trust is a new business book, by Stephen Covey's son (also named Stephen Covey). Just as the elder Covey's remarkable...
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Author:Charles N. Bowers, CPMM, Life Cycle Engineering
Risk management is not just a matter for your safety department or insurance carrier. Maintenance can use this powerful tool to help ensure the health and reliability of critical assets. Do you use a risk management program to conserve...
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Author:Christian Klingspor, IFS World Operations AB
Open, seamless collaboration among all parties in a project is already a reality in many organizations-and it’s providing real value. Design, Operate, Maintain (DOM), the term coined by industry analysts ARC Advisory Group, gives us a...
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Author:Daryl R. Gruver, First Energy
  Fig. 1. One of the plant's two condensate pumps Trending data to determine the health of equipment can be challenging to say the least. No single technology or equipment performance parameter can tell you everything you need to know...
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Author:Dieter Brunner, Managing Director, Industrial Systems American Power Conversion Corporation
Dieter Brunner, Managing Director, Industrial Systems American Power Conversion Corporation The business challenges in manufacturing these days are very different from the past. Today, facilities are competing with countless ...
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Author:Earl Lewis, CEO, FLIR Systems, Inc.
Earl Lewis, CEO, FLIR Systems, Inc. We live in an age of great uncertainties and dangers to the global economy. Nuclear proliferation, tight energy supplies, global warming, war, terrorism, the clash of civilizations and a whole...
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Author:G. Alan Osan, McKinsey & Company
Partnering with your company to aggressively pursue reliability excellence will pay off all the way around. This maintenance expert shows you how it can be done. Equipment reliability is a cornerstone of production stability and a primary ...
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Author:George Allen and Roland Kewitsch, Schenck
Today's portable instrumentation has come a long way from that of yesteryear. This article highlights features to look for when you're trying to determine the equipment best suited for your needs. As anyone having experience with machinery...
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Author:George Dettloff, President and CEO, SKF USA Inc.
Times have been tough on manufacturing facilities lately. Machinery performance demands have never been higher. Critical equipment continues to age. Retiring workforces leave widening gaps in maintenance and engineering expertise. Everywhere,...
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Author:George Dettloff, President and CEO, SKF USA Inc.
George Dettloff, President and CEO, SKF USA Inc. One of the most daunting challenges for customers in the many industries we serve is how to keep machinery running better, longer,more cost-effectively and ever more...
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