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Author:Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor
Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor This 4th installment in a special series is the subject of Bob’s keynote address at MARTS 2008. Businesses depend on processes functioning properly to achieve desired results and generate revenues to...
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Author:David Zdrojewski VibrAlign, Inc.
If you’re aligning equipment using foot value tolerances, you may need all the luck you can get and then some. “Modern” as that approach is, this author says it doesn’t stand up in the real world. My company specializes in laser shaft...
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Author:Doug Craig, Dresser-Rand
It’s insidious. Over time, equipment can move out of its original design conditions, greatly eroding performance and reliability. To geologists, the term “creep” defines the slow displacement of earth materials along a down slope. Because...
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Author:Heinz Bloch, P.E. Process Machinery Consulting
ODR is not an overnight trip. Success requires all parties to be using the same road map. For decades, maintenance professionals have advocated and used information management systems, planned maintenance activities, emphasized preventive...
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Author:James Netzel, Consultant
What production operation isn’t full of mechanical seals? This industry expert shows you why it’s so critical for them to be specified correctly. To improve the performance of any piece of equipment requires a complete understanding of its...
Tuesday, 01 April 2008 | 3400 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Jane Alexander with Jack O'Connell, President, International Bearing Supply Company (IBSCO)
Sometimes, it’s best to view things from the perspective of an expert. That said, you also should expect your suppliers to be experts in their fields. Providing unfailing operation from ball bearing failure requires looking at the subject the...
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Author:Michael V. Brown, President New Standard Institute
Effective management of people always involves training. This training can be as simple as one on one in the field or as formal as training in a classroom setting. The hardest part of the training management responsibility is determining when to...
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Author:MT Staff
Founded in 1992, Aqua Drill International (ADI) offers worldwide specialized industrial pipe, exchanger, tube, vessel and tank cleaning services to the Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Pulp & Paper, Municipal and other industries....
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Author:MT Staff
Improving your facility's energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective options to address high energy costs, and it's an option that is itself a growing industry with financial and technical resources to highlight energy savings in your...
Tuesday, 01 April 2008 | 2214 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Randall Noon, P.E., Cooper Nuclear Station
Randall Noon, P.E., Cooper Nuclear Station A good manager is very much like a good orchestra maestro. A maestro does not have to play every instrument in the orchestra. More often than not, he usually is not even the best musician in the...
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