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Author:Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor
Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor The 1980s saw record levels of industrial-based skills training and development. The WWII generation was reaching retirement age and Baby-Boomers were moving into jobs vacated by their parents. This...
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Author:Howard W Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP, SUCCESS by DESIGN® Reliability Services
Looking for gold in your organization? Doing the right maintenance at the right time for the right reasons on the right equipment is a good way to find it. In 1979, an MIT report estimated that $200 billion U.S. dollars were spent on the direct...
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Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor "Equipment Maintenance problems do not belong to the maintenance manager; equipment maintenance problems do not belong to the maintainer; equipment maintenance problems, once accepted for investigation and...
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4. MT News
Author:MT Staff
News of people and events important to the maintenance and reliability community IRISS ANNOUNCES TIM ROHRER AS NEW VP OF SALES & MARKETING IRISS inc. has promoted Tim Rohrer vice president, sales & marketing. In his new position, Rohrer...
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Author:MT Staff
Seeing is not only believing, it's about doing things right! We're seeing it throughout industry. In lean operations, where a major focus is on maximizing overall equipment effectiveness, reliabilityfocused maintenance practices have taken their...
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Author:Ray Thibault, CLS, OMA I and II and Mark Graham, CLS, CLGS, O’Rourke Petroleum
How much do you know about the blending process and its effect on oil cleanliness? Is that where the trouble starts? There are many different lubricant blenders in the U.S.—some very large and some small. In this series, the general practices...
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Author:Ron Widup, Shermco Industries
If your operations rely on these workhorse machines, you may want to brush up on their care and feeding. The true workhorses of industry, electric motors, provide the means to convert electrical energy into a meaningful and measurable output....
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Author:Special To Maintenance Technology
Even though it's the smart thing to do, in many applications and locations, continuous remote monitoring of critical equipment hasn't always been feasible. Those days are gone. Holland, MI is home to a regional leader in the recycling and...
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Author:Tim Crnko, Cooper Bussmann
These systems are crucial for quite a number of reasons. Their regular maintenance should be a top priority around your operations. As with so many other aspects of electrical systems, in order to ensure selective coordination in a system, the...
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Author:Timothy L. Goshert, CMRP and Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., P.E., CMRP
These authors discuss the arduous process organizations go through in order to put accredited testing in place. Certification has been the talk of the Maintenance and Reliability (M&R) community for the past several years. This issue is being...
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