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Author:Amanda Martyka, Assistant Editor
Losses can really pile up when asset-intensive equipment goes down at a biomass facility. Keeping everything up and running calls for a maintenance software system that won't quit. DTE Biomass Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of DTE Energy, has...
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Author:Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor
  Bob Williamson, Contributing Editor "TMI." Here we go again with those "TLAs" (three-letter acronyms) discussed in last month's column. TMI used to refer to the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant "meltdown" in 1979. Now, it means "Too...
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Author:Dale R. Blann, P.E., Principal/CEO, Marshall Institute Inc.
Dale R. Blann, P.E., Principal/CEO, Marshall Institute Inc. Managing costs has become more critical than ever in these turbulent economic times. A company's very survival could well depend on its ability to contain costs in the short run,...
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Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief with Joseph G. Dimmick, LeaknDetection Services (LDS)
Failure is not an option for most plants, but even more so if you’re talking about the emergency cooling system of a nuclear power-gen operation. Wolf Creek Nuclear Generating Station in Burlington, KS, operates a single pressurized water...
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Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief
  Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief A lot has been said about the recently passed "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" (ARRA), not all of it kind. We know it's not perfect. How much in life is? What's especially troubling to me,...
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Author:Joseph F. Dolniak, CMRP
The quality of its equipment and processes is crucial in a company's ability to drive reliability. Assuring that type of quality requires the right questions to be asked and the right answers to be supplied. Again and again and again… ...
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Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
  Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor The human resource represented by a company's workforce is arguably the most valuable asset a company possesses. Ironically, to an investor, corporate wealth and value is counted in terms of the current...
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8. MT News
Author:MT Staff
News of people and events important to the maintenance and reliability community THURMAN IS BALDOR'S NEW EXECUTIVE VP OF ENGINEERING Baldor Electric Company's Board of Directors has named R.Wayne Thurman as its new executive vice president of...
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Author:MT Staff
Turn Motor Failure Into Opportunity! In this economy, it certainly seems that equipment failure is the last thing you need, especially for equipment as critical as industrial motors. Then again, when one door shuts, another often opens. Dealing...
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Author:MT Staff
Capturing Savings Through Bearing Reconditioning NSK rolls out the type of program that helps end users cut costs without sacrificing quality and performance. No industry is immune to the current economic climate. Businesses across all sectors are...
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