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Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief
Much of my drive time into work one recent morning was spent in the draft of a big, yellow 18-wheeler belonging to TKX Logistics, a division of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Services.
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 | 1790 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief
I love to fish. Show me an open body of water and I'm in—with a line, that is.
Wednesday, 12 May 2010 | 1798 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief
Someone once asked me why I use so many analogies in my writing. It's simple. I think in them.
Wednesday, 09 June 2010 | 2462 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief
You know how it is when you can't get a song out of your head? Often, it's just a tune and pieces of lyrics that loop through your subconscious, over and over and over again.
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 | 1323 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief
If it weren't so scary, it would be amusing. The mainstream media seems to have finally discovered our dirty little secret: There aren't enough skilled workers to maintain the critical infrastructure and processes that civilized societies and...
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 | 1707 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief
Halloween may still be several weeks off as I write this column, but some of us have already had the beejeebers scared out of us. Here's my story.
Sunday, 17 October 2010 | 1626 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief
This column goes to press on Election Day. By the time you read it, the voters will have spoken and scores will have been settled. Regardless of your leanings, you, like me, will probably be delighted the mid-term madness is finally over—and that...
Tuesday, 09 November 2010 | 1970 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Jane Alexander, Editor-In-Chief
Sucka'! That's what I am when it comes to a certain blue-eyed 5-year-old in Alabama. Smart, sweet, beautiful, amazing and full of just the right amount of p & v (just like his daddy), he is—how can I say this without sounding like a...
Friday, 10 December 2010 | 2264 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Jay A. Burnette, Vice President, Sales & Engineering, Waukesha Bearings Corporation
Delivering the right mix of performance, lead time, quality and price, among other benefits, is a delicate balance for suppliers to the rotating-equipment industry.
Monday, 01 March 2010 | 2013 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Jay A. Burnette, Vice President, Sales & Engineering, Waukesha Bearings Corporation
There's a fairly consistent reality in business: When times are good, management focuses on growth. In tough times, it's natural to focus more on survival and ensuring a business remains viable. During the past downturn, Inpro/Seal (a subsidiary of...
Monday, 16 August 2010 | 1412 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More

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