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Get More From Hydraulic Systems In Wide-Operating Temperature Applications


As you probably have noticed, today’s hydraulic systems are much smaller, run at more extreme temperatures and work harder than ever before. On top of those challenges, many hydraulic systems have to operate through a wide temperature range.

Finding the right hydraulic fluid can make a big difference in ensuring peak performance throughout extreme temperatures and conditions as well as helping to reduce downtime and extend drain intervals. Fortunately, just like our hydraulic systems, the hydraulic fluids we use in them have come a long way in terms of performance. Knowing what to look for is key to getting the right fluid for your system needs. Read more...

New Generation of Smart Meter Lets You Do More With Less

As your workload continues to increase, it’s only right that your tools should do more. That includes your trusty multimeter, which should allow you to carry fewer tools and still get the job done faster and better. 

Agilent Technologies—the world’s premier measurement company—has introduced that type of harder-working tool specifically for you: It’s the new U1233A Handheld Digital Multimeter.

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Combating Harmful Sludge Buildup


Imagine you are running a marathon—24/7/365—with a coach right behind you, constantly demanding more speed and reduced time splits. While your training regimen may have prepared you for the challenge, once you start the race, how do you ensure that your joints and limbs keep operating? Performance fluids play an important role in hydrating a runner’s system, purging toxins from organs and lubricating joints. Hydraulic equipment has similar needs in maintaining system performance. Read More

Solve The #1 Motor-Failure Problem With Accurate Temperature Detection



A thermal-based motor overload relay may allow a restart on a hot motor prematurely because a bimetallic overload relay cools faster than the motor it is protecting. Once the relay resets, an operator can restart the motor, potentially causing costly equipment damage. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) reports that for every 8-10 degrees a motor is operated above its manufacturer’s recommended maximum operating temperature, motor life is cut by half. To preserve the investment in a motor and avoid downtime and replacement labor, an accurate measurement of motor temperature is essential.

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7+ Years and Counting: A Case Study Of Sealing Success

A nationally known gypsum company was experiencing sealing problems with its product-mixing machines. It contacted Inpro/Seal® for help.

04reliability2The plant turns out a range of gypsum-board and interior-finish  product, including joint-treatment compounds, tape and plaster. Two large, twin-shaft mixers are used in the process—one for dry bagging compounds and the other for compounds used for ready-mix products.  Located high, near the top of the building, these machines operate five days a week, intermittently because of the batch-style process.

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Equipment Health Update: A Better Way To Do More With Less


In challenging economic times, those who succeed have to find ways to do more with less. With respect to rotating assets, end-users are often faced with an inevitable "pay a little now or a lot more later" scenario.

How a company manages its rotating equipment assets is what actually determines the cost of operating a particular piece of machinery. The lowest cost with the highest ROI requires addressing certain key elements that directly relate to mechanical breakdown and reliability performance. And, similar to human health care, the lowest costs and highest ROI can only be obtained through prevention.

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Thru-Panel Voltage Detection Makes Sense With NFPA 70E & CSA Z462


Workplace electrical safety has found its way into every facet of our electrical world. Maintenance departments struggle to keep equipment running while staying compliant with NFPA 70E/CSA Z462 standards.

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3 Low-Cost Ways To Cut Downtime By Using Fuse Indication

Every minute of downtime is costly, so open fuses must be found and replaced quickly. The process includes tracing down the open circuit, donning PPE (personal protective equipment) and testing to pinpoint the open fuse. Read More

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