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0413mplaceoptoTechnology Moves HMIs In A New Direction

According to Opto 22, its new product named groov will change the way industry views human-machine interfaces (HMIs) forever. Using only a modern Web browser, it lets users quickly and securely build and deploy simple, effective and scalable browser-based interfaces for automation, monitoring and control applications. These human-device interfaces (HDIs), as Opto 22 calls them, can then be viewed on almost any computer or mobile device, regardless of manufacturer or operating system, including PCs, tablets, smartphones and smart high-definition televisions. The initial design works with Opto 22 control systems: all SNAP PAC controllers, including SoftPAC, and OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring units. (A later version will support OPC UA.) UL and cUL approvals are pending.

Temecula, CA

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Fault-Detection Software  

The latest version of FFDWorX Fault-Detection and Diagnostic software from ICONICS is designed and certified for Windows 8, Windows 8 apps and Windows 2012 server operating systems. The off-the-shelf product can provide continuous commissioning capabilities for any manufacturing operation, and is easy to configure and set up to help detect energy and operational inefficiencies. Visualization and diagnostics technology quickly recommends a possible cause. 

Foxborough, MA

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0413mplacelamanPoint-Of-Use Filter For Compressed Air Systems

LA-MAN® Corporation’s Extractor/Dryer® is a point-of-use filter for compressed air systems. The two-stage filter is designed to efficiently remove moisture and contaminates, and operates most effectively within 25’ of point of use. Each model offers a standard 5-Micron rating, with lower Micron ratings available. With flow ranges of 15 SCFM to 2000 SCFM and pressure ratings of up to 250 PSI, the unit is suited for use with air-powered tools, powder coating, pneumatic operated equipment and more.           

LA-MAN Corp.
Mazeppa, MN

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Maintenance-Friendly Electric Chain Hoist

The Konecranes CLX Electric Chain Hoist is targeted for manufacturing applications where high-speed load transfers and precise assembly work are required. Currently in capacities of 130 to 4400 lbs (60 to 2000 kg), CLX can be paired with workstation cranes, overhead cranes, jib cranes and more. All electronics have been placed on compact circuit boards, decreasing internal wiring and limiting the parts required for maintenance. These aluminum-frame units also feature maintenance-free transmissions and patented five-tooth chain sprockets with intermediate teeth.

Springfield, OH

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0413mplaceingersollLeak-Resistant Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand’s latest rotary screw air compressor model is the R-Series 37-45 kW (50-60 hp). It is equipped with the same V-Shield™ technology as the company’s 55-160 kW units, which includes stainless steel pipes, metal-flex hoses and elastomeric face seals to prevent leaks. The piping system is also configured to minimize the effects of vibration. The unit is available in fixed-speed or Nirvana Variable-Speed Drive (VSD) options. 

Ingersoll Rand
Davidson, NC

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0304mplacesdtUltrasound Data Collector 

SDT has added an acceleration feature to its SDT270 ultrasound data collector, allowing inspectors to measure, log, alarm and analyze vibration data. It also features survey-driven temperature, tachometer and static/dynamic measurements powered by an on-board synchronous database. Data can be further analyzed through the company’s Ultranalysis Suite software. 

SDT Ultrasound Solutions
Cobourg, ON, Canada

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Lube-Additive Diagnostic Tool With Wi-Fi Connectivity

Fluitec’s RULER View™ diagnostic tool provides the type of critical insight into the health and remaining useful life of the antioxidant additives in lubricants that heretofore hasn’t been available through other condition monitoring and analysis technologies. An advancement of the company’s flagship condition monitoring product, the RULER, it features a microphone for real-time dictation of data relevant to the sample and an integrated camera to capture an image of the MPC patch (Membrane Patch Colorimetry, ASTM D7843) when testing for varnish potential. Technology-friendly Wi-Fi connectivity allows for seamless software upgrades and product support. The built-in report template and integrated software lets users quickly produce high-value, professional reports on the remaining useful life of their critical lubricating assets.


Fluitec International
Jersey City, NJ

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Versatile Water Pump Pliers


The Cobra® Quick Set addition to the Cobra® Water Pump Pliers family from Knipex Tools combines features of automatic adjusting pump pliers with traditional push-button pump pliers. Measuring 10” in length, the pliers feature a 2” gripping capacity and are useful in confined or hard-to-reach areas. Instead of having to press a push-button mechanism to adjust the tool, the user can simply slide the top handle forward to achieve the desired capacity. It adjusts easily with one or two hands. 

Knipex Tools, LP
Arlington Heights, IL

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0413mplacebrooksThermal Mass Flow Controllers

Brooks Instrument’s expanded line of GF 40/80 Series of thermal mass flow controllers features broader capabilities, such as increased flow rates up to 50 standard liters per minute (slpm) and a “normally open” valve for non-hazardous gas applications. The GF 40/80 Series is available with Brooks’ MultiFlo™, which enables users to re-program the gas and/or range in minutes without needing to remove the mass flow controller from service.  

Brooks Instrument, LLC
Hatfield, PA

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