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Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
No specific program caught my attention while surfing television channels one recent evening. Instead, I was fascinated by the abundance of reality shows focusing on changing of the human condition.
Friday, 01 May 2009 | 2867 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
I continue to be amazed at the shameful way many plants abuse—make that "kill"—their bearings. Designed and lubricated in accordance with their actual operating conditions, bearings often outlive their parent machine's usefulness. Unfortunately,...
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 | 3276 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
Tasty Stews Are Full Of Meat! I've mentioned it in this column before. Working as a maintenance and lubrication management consultant means that I travel a lot, mostly by car.
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 | 1940 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
Visiting a classic car show recently, I was stopped in my tracks by a magnificent stainless steel DeLorean, the car immortalized in the Back to the Future movies starring Michael J. Fox in the 1980s.
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 | 1751 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
Over the holidays, I had chance to visit with some old friends. They were thrilled to inform me of their teenage son's recent work promotion to the position of plant lubrication technician, in charge of his facility's lubrication program.
Saturday, 02 January 2010 | 1756 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
As I ate my sandwich in a small restaurant on the road to nowhere recently, I became intrigued by a large sign stating "Our Goal and Objective is to Create the Comfort of Home for Every Guest!"
Friday, 02 April 2010 | 2100 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
I grew up in the shadow of The Beatles, in the industrial port city of Liverpool, England. Dad was a fleet-truck mechanic for a frozen-food company; Mom was a seamstress.
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 | 1478 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
I've always enjoyed spending time with people older than myself. As a young design engineer, I would seek out draftsmen, engineers and managers who were close to retirement and spend quality "think" time with them.
Tuesday, 27 July 2010 | 2386 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
Want to insure against the failure of these critical systems? Protect them with the correct lube prescriptions and protocols.
Thursday, 30 September 2010 | 3089 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More
Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
Remember the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes?" Once upon a time, a vain Emperor engaged the services of two swindlers masquerading as weavers, who promised to make him a suit from magic cloth. Amazingly, the new clothes would be visible only to...
Friday, 01 October 2010 | 1536 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read More

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