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timken-global-citizenshipTimken Debuts Report On Its Global Citizenship

Timken has released its first-ever Global Citizenship Report, which highlights the company’s strategies and goals, as well as its achievements during 2008.  According to the report, a sampling of Timken’s environmental achievements over the past year include:

  • A recycling process has eliminated 21,000 tons of electric arc furnace dust from being sent to landfills.
  • A new wind bearing facility in Xiangtan, China is well on its way toward certification as a green building, following the standards of the LEED rating system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
  • A program to eliminate PCBs from all Timken facilities was completed in March 2009, six years ahead of schedule.

“We know that global citizenship touches every aspect of our business and underscores the policies and practices for which we hold ourselves accountable,” said Chairman Ward J. “Tim” Timken, Jr. “By continuing to grow our enterprise in ways that build sustainable value, we help to fulfill our responsibility to our associates, customers and all business interests, including our communities and the environment.”

The full report is available for download on the Timken Website.

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Maintain Wind Turbine Efficiency

LUDECA’s latest brochure, “Maintain Wind Turbine Efficiency,” describes how predictive and preventive maintenance solutions, such as shaft alignment, geometric measurement, vibration analysis, balancing and online condition monitoring equipment, can help improve wind turbine reliability while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Included in the brochure is the LEVALIGN® laser that can be used to  measure the profile of flanged surfaces found in major wind turbine components, including tower segments and the nacelle-hub assembly. Likewise, the high-precision electronic inclinometer INCLINEO® is suited for the precision measurement of horizontal surfaces.

The brochure also highlight’s LUDECA’s shaft alignment systems, that are capable of performing measurement under space constraints with high accuracy, and autonomous online systems, which detect both mechanical and electrical faults at an early stage.

Doral, FL

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Wind-Tower Welding Arc Flux

Lincoln Electric has introduced Lincolnweld® WTX™, a submerged arc flux designed to meet the requirements of wind-tower welding applications. Created for submerged arc welding on wind-tower bases and door frames, Lincolnweld WTX offers twin and multi-arc AC and DC operations. Additional features include low temperature impact properties, advanced performance when welding circumferential and longitudinal butt and fillet welds and a smooth bead profile. When used with the Lincolnweld L-61 electrode on longitudinal and circumferential seam weld, the Lincolnweld WTX meets the F7A8-EM12K-H8 AWS classification and allows welds to exceed the mechanical property requirements specified for cold-weather wind-tower applications.

Lincoln Electric
Cleveland, OH

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Software For Sustainability

PE Americas' GaBi 4 is a universal tool to address the need for sustainability data administration and evaluation on an organization, facility, process or product life cycle level. This software system provides solutions for different problems regarding cost, environment, social and technical criteria, optimization of processes and managing external representation in these fields. Among other things, GaBi 4 can assist with: Greenhouse gas accounting; life cycle assessment; design for environment; energy efficiency studies; substance flow analysis; company ecobalances; environmental reporting; sustainability reporting; strategic risk management; and total cost accounting.

PE Americas
Boston, MA

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daimerEco-Friendly Cleaning Chemicals

Daimer Industries has introduced Eco-Green®, a line of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. Eco-Green features more than 100 non-toxic, plant-based formulations, with specific formulas for the manufacturing industry including: Ultra-Power® Super Duty Degreaser, Ultra-Power Parts Washer & Cleaner, Stainless Steel Shine & Protector, and Hand Wash Cleaner Gel and Foam. The cleaners utilize Micro-Blasting® technology, which breaks down dirt and stains into microscopic particles that disperse in water and repel one another. These particles are then easy to remove and less likely to re-adhere to cleaned surfaces.

Daimer Industries
Woburn, MA

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