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0608_probsolvers_airContaminant-Free Compressed Air For Pneumatics

The SKF® “SFD” dryer system is uniquely engineered for industrial applications to deliver compressed air free of oil, contaminants and water. In conjunction with large air compressors and systems, this compact unit dries compressed air for pneumatic applications directly from the tank, eliminating a need for after-coolers and additional external filters. The system also can be mounted on small air compressors or at point of use. Units can be supplied for 12VAC, 24VAC, and 120VAC, or fully pneumatic requiring no electrical connection. All can serve whether in high or low ambient temperature conditions. All units can be customized to satisfy specific application requirements.

Kulpsville, PA


Special Food & Pharma Synthetic For Rolling Bearings

Klüber has introduced Millplex FMG-2 US, a special, synthetic grease for lubricating machine rolling bearings in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants (NSF H1 registration is pending). Composed of a synthetic base oil and a calcium sulphonate complex thickener, it is particularly well suited for use in the manufacturing of grain, meal and pellet animal feeds. Klüber recommends applying Millplex FMG-2 using standard, commercial grease equipment.

Klüber Lubrication
Londonderry, NH

Real-Time Access to Work Orders

MicroMain has announced general availability of MicroMain for BlackBerry, software that expands the company’s mobile options for its computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). This new product now enables managers and maintenance technicians to use handheld devices to receive maintenance tasks and information, indicate work accomplished and upload status, hours and additional information to the MicroMain database. All mobile functionality is managed by log-in, which lets administrators determine security, type of data and parameters for specific users.

MicroMain Corporation
Austin, TX

0608_probsolvers_bearingCalculate ROI From Effective Bearing Protection

Inpro/Seal’s Return On Investment Calculation Worksheet (ROI/WS) is an Excel spreadsheet worksheet that helps users of pumps and motors quantify the effectiveness of bearing isolators (like the model OM32 pictured here that is used in oil mist applications) when applied to rotating equipment. Once it’s downloaded and completed, it allows plants to calculate their own ROI relative to the use of bearing isolators, including benchmarks of current repair costs and the effect of doubling the reliability of their rotating equipment. End users merely plug in their numbers to benchmark the amount of repairs and maintenance dollars saved by installing bearing isolators. The worksheet then calculates the actual costs of the bearing isolators, taking MTBF and previous maintenance histories into consideration. This Return on Investment Calculation tool is available at no charge from Inpro/Seal.

Inpro/Seal Company 
Rock Island, IL

0608_probsolvers_softwareSoftware Tool For More Efficient PMs

PMOptimization from LAI Reliability Systems, is a combination of cutting-edge software and unique processes to develop, optimize and manage your PMs. Optimization is obtained through three dimensions—Primary, Dynamic Failure-Driven and Non-Value-Added—applying a streamlined approach toward generation of RCM results. According to the manufacturer, PM3 leads to the right task, performed by the right skill, at the right interval and at minimal cost, resulting in 40% improvement in labor, 35% in scheduled downtime and 60% in PM parts cost while doubling PM effectiveness. This software tool stands alone or works directly with your CMMS in five languages.

LAI Reliability Systems, Inc. 
Franklin, TN

0608_probsolvers_stockStock Electric Motors & Drives

Baldor’s new 580-page stock products catalog, known as the new 501, details more than 10,000 Baldor·Reliance offerings, including premium effi- ciency, explosion-proof, washdown, severe duty, inverter/vector, farm duty, brake and DC motors, in a range of horsepowers. It also contains a section explaining 100+ common modifications that can be made to customize your motors prior to shipping. Micro drives, controls, gearmotors and gear products, motor accessories, grinders and generators are among the other products featured in the new 501.

Baldor Electric Company
Fort Smith, AR

0608_probsolvers_pumpingPulse-Free Pumping

The Quizix precision pumping systems from AMETEK unit Chandler Engineering offer continuous pulsefree flow or pressure control at the high pressures and temperatures required to optimize critical fluid delivery and extraction applications. Designed to provide years of trouble-free operation, they are capable of delivering or receiving at a constant pressure or flow rate from sub-nano liter/minute to 400 ml/minute at pressures up to 20,000 psi.

Chandler Engineering 
Broken Arrow, OK

0608_probsolvers_torqueNew Rotary Torque Transducers

The Model T1 Torque Coupling Rotary Torque Transducer made by Interface integrates torque measurement with a robust double flex coupling. The coupling and sensor are entirely hollow, allowing the shortest possible distance between the coupled shaft ends. On-board digital electronics provide a ±5V output, low-noise signal. Powered by 12-28V DC, the strain gage-based product offers precision rotary torque measurement in a bearingless, contact-free design. Both smooth and keyed shaft style hubs are available.

Interface, Inc. 
Scottsdale, AZ