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Lube System Overcomes A Variety Of Challenges 

Techno-Sommer’s Sharpshooter system addresses a number of lube challenges, including, among others, hard-to-reach lubrication points and the unacceptability of mist lubrication. Working off standard shop air at up to 90 psi, it can place a drop of lubricant at up to 1m away with pinpoint accuracy. A pressurized tank generates internal pressures up to 750 psi. When a pulse is generated, a fixed drop size is dispensed. Up to eight dispensing nozzles ranging in size from 5mm3 to 100mm3 can be attached to one tank. 

New Hyde Park, NY

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0102mplacekluberNSF H1-Registered Spray Lubricant 

Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 from Klüber Lubrication is a light-colored, high-temperature paste available as a spray. Designed for assembly purposes and the lubrication of screws at temperatures between 392 and 2192 F, it’s registered as NSF H1, making it suitable for food-processing and pharmaceutical use. The product adheres to metals and is water-resistant. 

Klüber Lubrication North America L.P.
Londonderry, NH

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0102mplaceabanakiCompact And Easy-To-Clean CNC Oil Skimmer 

Abanaki’s Mighty Mini® SST is intended for the removal of unwanted oil in coolants and parts washers. Capabilities include removal rates of up to two gallons of medium-weight oil per hour, depending on belt selection. An improved wiper blade system fits securely in the trough and allows for cleaning on both sides of the belt. Its light-weight and small footprint allow it to fit underneath most CNC machines.

Abanaki Corp.
Cleveland, OH

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0102mplaceoilriteMulti-Point Lubrication Delivery System 

Oil-Rite’s Hydracision multi-point lubrication system can distribute to as few as 12 or up to hundreds of separate points. It combines efficient hydraulic movement of fluid with the precision of positive displacement injection. The reservoir housing contains a gear pump motor which pressurizes the outlet for uniform fluid distribution. A PLC with programmable display allows selection of lube cycles, while a low-level switch prevents operation when oil supply is depleted.   

Oil-Rite Corp.
Manitowoc, WI

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0102mplacemasterBio-Based Oil With No VOCs

Master Chemical’s TRIM® OV 2200 is a bio-based straight oil free of volatile organic compounds. Developed to machine difficult alloys and stainless steel, the chlorine-free oil contains no sulfurized EP additives and protects aluminum and copper alloys. It also has improved oxidation inhibition compared with other vegetable oils, according to the company.

Master Chemical Corp.
Perrysburg, OH

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0113mplacearoAir-Operated Piston Pumps

ARO Fluid Products’ AFX™ line of air-operated piston pumps and systems features air motors in five sizes from 4.25” to 12”. Each includes ARO’s Progressive Exhaust™, True Link Valve™ and integrated regulator technology used on 2-ball, 4-ball and chop-check pumps. The pumps are well suited for transfer of shear-sensitive, viscous, corrosive and abrasive fluids in a range of applications.

ARO Fluid Products
An Ingersoll Rand Co. Brand
Davidson, NC

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Cost-Effective ‘Check-Engine-Light’ Technology For Monitoring Semi-Critical Equipment  

SKF’s new CMSS 200 Machine Condition Indicator is a low-cost, battery-powered, stand-alone monitoring solution for semi-critical machines with constant operating conditions that usually aren’t evaluated on a regular basis. Independent and self-sufficient, it periodically measures vibration and velocity, and monitors for problems relating to misalignment, imbalance, etc. It also measures enveloped acceleration to detect bearing degradation and keeps a running check on operating temperatures. Built-in intelligence evaluates data and helps avoid false alarms. Performing like a car’s check-engine light, the device indicates alarm status on three LEDs. Individual units can be stud-mounted or epoxied to the monitored equipment. 

Lansdale, PA

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