Keep It Clean And Keep It Running With Smarter Contamination Measurement

Schroeder Industries introduces its SMART™ Kit (SMK) for the measurement of contamination levels in hydraulic and lubricating oils.0207_problemsolvers_img1 The unit comes complete with the Schroeder TestMate Contamination Monitor® (TCM), making it easy for users to continuously monitor ISO levels in real time. This product can be added as a retrofi t to any of Schroeder’s standard fi lter carts, kidney loops and skids, with no additional modifi cations required. Schroeder carts and kidney loops now can be ordered with the SMK included. According to the manufacturer, these user-friendly SMART Kits help save time by completely eliminating the need for bottle sampling when determining fl uid contamination levels. In addition, the SMK package provides the option of downloading data to a PC for trending.

Schroeder Industries, LLC
Leetsdale, PA


Steel-Disk Seals For Protection Of Bearings In Mining Equipment

0207_problemsolvers_img2SKF offers NILOS® steel-disk seals for grease-lubricated roller bearings to provide superior protection against contaminants in mining equipment exposed to extreme levels of dirt, dust and debris. They can further prevent leakage of lubricant and contribute to optimized bearing service life in a wide range of applications, including idlers, crushers and conveyor rollers, among others. Their non-contact, grease-fi lled labyrinth sealing elements consist of laminated steel-seal disks and steel cores. These seals resist axial pressure and will not slip when clamped in the axial direction of both the inner and outer periphery of a roller-bearing ring. In use, they offer additional advantages by minimizing bearing friction losses and heat buildup. They are available in a wide range of shaft and casing diameters and are supplied ready-to-install for quick and easy mounting. They also can be customized to meet application-specifi c requirements.

SKF Linear Motion & Precision Technologies 
A division of SKF USA Inc. 
Bethlehem, PA


Digital Control For Electrostatic Oil Cleaning

UAS/Kleentek has introduced a new, easy-to-read digital control panel to its line of electrostatic oil cleaning systems.0207_problemsolvers_img3 The UAS/Kleentek system works electrostatically to draw contaminants of all particle sizes out of hydraulic oil. The new control panel features a text display that shows key operating conditions, including motor amperage and oil dwell time. An optional oil temperature monitor helps protect the system’s components from damage caused by sustained high oil temperatures. The new panel also notifi es operators of errors by displaying the cause of an error in text, rather than numeric code, and activating a fl ashing alarm on top of the control panel’s enclosure. For remote or hard-to-access installations, the unit can be connected to a PLC controller to relay the alarm signal. It has a NEMA 4 rating that allows use in dirty and harsh environments and outdoor conditions. An optional enclosure heater also helps ensure uninterrupted operation of the control panel in cold environments.

United Air Specialists (UAS)/Kleentek 
Cincinnati, OH


Coolant Cleaners Help With Machine Accuracy And Cost Reduction

Maintaining clean coolant is important in any operation to ensure machine accuracy and reduce costs. 0207_problemsolvers_img4Eriez ceramic and rare-earth magnetic coolant cleaners extract ferrous particles to help meet tolerances and improve surface fi nish in grinding and metal-cutting operations. These products are effective wherever clean coolant is required, including in oil reclaiming machines. Permanent ceramic magnetic indexing units, available with either a smooth-faced or extended-pole roll, can be used when both ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants are present. According to the manufacturer, its non-indexing models are ideal for applications where little or no non-magnetic contaminants are present in the coolant. The ce- ramic magnetic coolant cleaners remove particles as small as 15 microns. They are available in several sizes and can handle up to 600 gpm of water-soluble cool- ant. The company’s Xtractor rare-earth coolant cleaners remove particles as small as 3 microns. Available in four sizes, the Xtractor units can handle up to 120 gpm of water soluble coolant.

Erie, PA


Cost-Effective, High-Capacity Varnish Removal Systems

Seaworthy Industrial Systems’ varnish removal fi ltration solution is a
compact, 0207_problemsolvers_img5self-contained engineered unit incorporating a skid-mounted
circulating pump and fi lter assembly with a built-in drip pan. Designed
to operate continuously in a side-stream mode, it leaves the primary lubricating
oil system untouched. According to its manufacturer, this “set
and forget” capability, coupled with some of the industry’s highest varnish-
holding-capacity fi lters means no service calls and very little regular
maintenance. The company also notes that the system offers one of the
highest fi ltration fl ow rates in the industry, which, in light of the product’s
simplicity, comes in at one of the lowest prices in the market.

Seaworthy Industrial Systems, Inc.
Essex, CT


Viscosity Analysis Equipment

0207_problemsolvers_img6Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has released a new, full-color catalog,
featuring the company’s complete line of Viscometers/Rheometers and
Texture Analyzers. New offerings for 2007 include:

  • A more durable ball bearing suspension system as an option for new digital
    viscometers and rheometers or as a retrofi t. This system is ideal for instruments
    that experience exceptionally heavy use, multiple operators or dusty
    and dirty work environments.
  • Single and Multi-Station Controllers for AST-100 Viscometer Systems that
    make in-line measurement and control of viscosity easier than ever.
  • A newly designed, spring-loaded, Quick Action Lab Stand, wherein with the
    push of a button, the viscometer glides up and down, allowing for quick
    positioning and faster measurements.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories
Middleboro, MA