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janfeb-marketplace1Near-Laboratory-Quality Viscosity Measurements Made Easy

The SimpleVIS™ system from Cannon Instrument is a specialized semi-automated viscometer that provides quick, reliable kinematic viscosity results with a touch of a finger. According to the company, this portable unit is ideal for any site that needs near-laboratory-quality viscosity measurements. Everything to get started is included; the user provides only sample and solvent. Capable of delivering direct kinematic viscosity measurement, with no need to correlate dynamic viscosity data, the product incorporates a modified cross-arm style tube that works with both transparent and opaque oils.

Cannon Instrument Co.
State College, PA

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New Synthetic To Protect Wire Rope janfeb-marketplac2

Lubrication Engineers' new Wirelife™ Almasol® Syn  Coating Lubricant is an extremely tacky, nonasphaltic synthetic with exceptionally high film strength. Suitable for extreme environments and conditions, it provides robust outer-surface protection for wire rope and cable used in mining, construction and marine operations. It reduces wear by minimizing wire-to-wire contact with the rope. Typical applications for this product include standing and running lines, draglines, cranes, derricks, hoists and drilling rigs.

Lubrication Engineers
Fort Worth, TX

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janfeb-internorman3Mobile Monitoring Of Aging-Oil Conditions

The Oil Condition Monitor (or OCM 01) from Internormen is a mobile diagnostic system for determining the aging condition of oil in hydraulic and lubrication systems by measuring solid contamination, water saturation, temperature, viscosity and relative dielectricity. The system is applicable for both pressure and suction lines and can also be employed when working with foamed oils in gears.

Altlussheim, Germany

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Upgraded Electronic Lubrication Meters janfeb-marketplace4

Lincoln's Model 980, 981 and 982 Electronic Lube Meters for vehicle maintenance, lube-truck and other industrial applications feature large, easy-to-read, six-digit digital displays with two-decimal-point precision. The pressure rating has been increased from older models to 1500 psi, and flow capability has been improved to 8 gpm. The meters have a resettable and non-resettable totalizer that displays dispense quantities in pints, quarts, gallons or liters. Each unit has a long-life, field-replaceable, top-load battery, a ½"- ball-bearing swivel and a locking trigger with built-in trigger guard.

St. Louis, MO

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Reduced-Odor, Multi-Tasking, Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid

Master Chemical is offering TRIM® SC520, a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid that incorporates a proven EP-additive package to control built-up edge and improve tool life. The manufacturer notes that it performs well in multi-metal, multi-operational job shops, and has the wetting and cooling characteristics necessary for excellent machining results on high-speed milling and turning operations. It controls chip welding on soft, gummy materials like aluminum, and rejects tramp oils rapidly. This fluid is compatible with a wide range of materials, including aluminum alloys, cast iron, steels and copper, as well as most plastics and composites.

Master Chemical Corp.
Perrysburg, OH

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janfeb-marketplace5Extended-Life Cordless Grease Guns

The M12TM Cordless Grease Gun from Milwaukee Electric Tool is part of the company's LITHIUM-ION system. Capable of delivering 8000 psi max operating pressure for heavy-duty applications, it dispenses up to seven grease cartridges per battery charge. The unit comes standard with a high-capacity LITHIUM-ION battery that, the manufacturer notes, can double the performance of the user's other M12TM tools. Additional features include a lightweight, ergonomic handle design, onboard hose storage and shoulder strap loop.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
Brookfield, WI

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Bearing Isolator Brand Under New Ownership

Waukesha Bearings, an operating company of Dover Corporation, has acquired Inpro/Seal Company, the leading designer and manufacturer of bearing isolator technologies, effective December 30, 2009. The acquisition adds adjacent product lines to Waukesha's already strong bearing solutions for oil & gas and power generation markets. To date, nearly 4 million Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators have been installed in rotating equipment throughout the world.

Waukesha Bearing Corp.
Pewaukee, WI

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Self-Lubricating Composite Reduces Blow-Mold Maintenance janfeb-marketplace6

Kohlox™, a self-lubricating thermo composite material designed for blow-mold parts, was created to reduce weekly maintenance on the molds. The material's low coefficient of friction helps blow-mold parts move freely without the use of lubrication, eliminating the need for mold re-greasing. New grease-free parts include wear rings for mold bottoms and female studs. Patented by Sidel, this technology is available as an option for most new molds and can be adapted to several existing molds for all types of the manufacturer's blow molders.

Norcross, GA

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