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0710market1Engineered Solutions For Fluid Pulsation, Noise & Surge

According to PULSCO, its engineered Liquid Pulsation Dampeners (Acoustic Filters) offer a number of advantages for end-users dealing with pulsation, vibration and noise problems in fluid-piping systems. The result is reduced piping and component deterioration and a quieter environment. PULSCO's solutions can be designed to meet a variety of industrial codes including ASME, API and ANSI, using any material, in any thickness to compensate for temperature, pressure and flow conditions. The diameter and length, as well as the inlet and configuration can be varied to meet specific installation situations. There's no gas charge to maintain or bladder to replace. With no moving parts, maintenance is minimal.

Irvine, CA

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Identifying Opportunities For Automation Parts-Management

ABB now offers Parts Fingerprint, a spare-parts-management optimization service for critical ABB process-automation systems and products. The service reviews the effectiveness of existing spare-parts-management practices and identifies potential risk associated with insufficient stock, overstock, out-of-date inventory and end-of-life-cycle issues. It includes an on-site spare-parts-inventory validation, and comprehensive analysis of stock conditions, status, stocking levels, version management, warranty management, part criticality and historical parts usage. Existing processes and conditions are compared with established ABB best practices. The resulting report provides recommendations for improving overall spares management, including cost-saving strategies, and management of issues related to equipment lifecycle status and equipment supportability.

Wickliffe, OH

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0710market3Lab-Quality Lube Analysis On-Site In Real-Time

According to A2 Technologies, FT-IR is a proven technique for oil condition monitoring in laboratories. The company's advances in sampling, software and miniaturization now make this powerful analytical tool available for real-time, on-site lube analysis. Its PAL FTIR analyzers provide instantaneous measurement of degree of oxidation, depletion of additive packages and the amount of water present in a lubricant, all on one system. A2 notes that these analyzers are ideal complements to instrumentation that provides particle count, viscosity and dielectric measurements.

A2 Technologies
Danbury, CT

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0710market4Versatile, Hand-Held Indoor Air-Quality Monitor

The Temperature & Process Instrument AQ-200 series indoor air-quality monitor, available through E Instruments, is designed to perform in a variety of air-quality situations. With optional interchangeable probes, this hand-held device can measure carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ambient temperature, humidity, current, voltage and temperature. The product is available in three preconfigured kits that represent the most popular configurations.

E Instruments
Langhorne, PA

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0710market5Multi-Function Calibration For Hazardous Areas

GE's hand-held DPI 620 IS advanced multifunction calibrator/HART® communicator is now approved for use in potentially explosive environments by the British certification body Baseefa. This approval carries both ATEX and IECEx certification that allows the instrument to be employed globally in Zone 0 areas. Extending to the instrument's battery pack, the certification permits hot swapping within hazardous locations. Baseefa approval further expands the range of potential applications of this device, especially in the oil and gas and process sectors. GE's introduction of the IS version follows the recent incorporation of HART® compatibility into the DPI620 platform. All versions of the DPI 620 now contain a complete HART library of registered device descriptions.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies
Billerica, MA

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Renewal Service Reformulates Used Oils & Chemicals

Full Circle Renewal™ from Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Co. processes used oils and chemicals back to their original specification or will reformulate them to meet specific application needs. Because the service reduces inventory and disposal expenses, cost savings compared to purchasing new fluids can reach 60%, according to the company.

Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Co.
Rockford, IL

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0710market7Automated Protection From Dangerous Overfills

SIS-TECH's Automated Overfill Protection System (AOPS) is designed to prevent dangerous overfill conditions in terminals, tank farms and process vessels. It is a low-cost, stand-alone, non-PE logic
solver for use up to SIL 3. Rated for -30 to +75 C, it can be installed in the harshest of process units near the tank and communicate with the control system by way of hardwire, Modbus, Ethernet or wireless technology.

Houston, TX

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0710market8Fast, Powerful, Colorful Vibration-Analysis Tool

Ludeca's VIBXPERT II Vibration Analyzer is the latest addition to the company's extensive line of condition-monitoring tools. Its easy-to-use menu-driven setups help resolve simple and complex machinery vibration issues. Fast data acquisition and analysis for routine data collection, cross-channel measurements, transient analysis, modal/ODS and balancing are among the many tasks this new product can handle. Data can be stored in OMNITREND PC software for analysis, reporting and trending.

Ludeca, Inc.
Doral, FL

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0710market9Refrigeration Leak-Detection Kit

Cliplight's Flash™ professional refrigeration system leak-detection kits include three cans of Flash "no mess" dye, a reusable charging hose, an ultraviolet detector light and carrying case. Each can of dye treats up to one 5-ton unit or 64 ounces of system oil. Instead of using an injector or polyolester oil as a carrier, Flash relies on a drying agent combined with the hose's 29/1000ths" orifice to mist dye into the system, keep it stable and prevent crystallization.

Cliplight Mfg.
Toronto, ON

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0710market10Wear-Resistant Hardfacing Wire

Stoody says its 1/16" (1.6 mm) 160 DM Nickel Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Wire offers superior wear resistance, in fine-particle slurry jobs. Its evenly dispersed macro-crystalline particles are supported by a tough nickel silicon and boron matrix. Process pipe cladding, oil field stabilizers and mill hammers are some of the applications to which this product is suited.

Stoody® Company
A business unit of Thermadyne Industries
St. Louis, MO

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0710market11Simplified Ballast Change-Outs

The Push-In Luminaire Disconnect from Thomas & Betts lets electricians change ballasts safely and easily without having to trip the main power breaker. The Sta-Kon® Luminaire Disconnect is for use in all non-residential fluorescent lighting applications up to 4A, 600V. Installation is as simple as stripping the de-energized wires and inserting them in the housings. Designed to eliminate incorrect installation and reverse polarity, the housings are finger-safe on both sides.

Thomas & Betts Corp.
Memphis, TN

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Heavy-Duty, Moderate-Speed Tapered Roller Bearings

According to AST, its new High Carbon Chromium Steel Tapered Roller Bearings are interchangeable with those of major bearing manufacturers. Featuring durable steel cages, they are intended for heavy-duty, moderate-speed applications. The manufacturer notes that these components offer dimensional stability under heavy loads and long-life performance in harsh and contaminated environments. Most standard industrial sizes are available via quick delivery in inch and metric versions. Custom sizes are also available by special request.

AST Bearings LLC
Montville, NJ

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0710market13Low-Friction Shaft-Sealing Solution

The new low-friction Waveseal® seal from SKF incorporates a specially molded radial lip design that forms a sinusoidal ("wave") pattern around the surface of the shaft on a rotating machine. This, in turn, allows lubricants to be pumped back to the bearings, thus helping optimize lube retention while sealing out contaminants. An alternative to conventional double-lip seals, the product's design lets the seal run cooler and reduces lip pressure and shaft wear.

Lansdale, PA

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0710market14Bevel Gearbox For Belt Drives

A s a mechanical add-on to servo drive trains, Wittenstein's alpha LPBK+ bevel gearbox for belt drives offers high power density and long service life. It was developed by adding a pulley-drive to Wittenstein's right-angle LPK+ gearbox. A compact integrated solution that's been optimized for linear drives, it offers easy motor mounting, is available with flexible output variants and comes in IP64 for food-grade applications.

Wittenstein, Inc.
Bartlett, IL

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0710market15Motor Plugs Aid In Safety Compliance

Meltric Motor Plugs simplify compliance with NFPA 70E electrical safety requirements because they maintain a standard-defined hazard risk category of zero during the motor connection and disconnection processes. The UL-approved products give existing motors plug-and-play simplicity, reducing downtime up to 50%. The plugs' dead front construction eliminates the possibility of access to live parts, so there's no need for personal protective equipment when changing out a motor.

Franklin, WI

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