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Author:Joe Foszcz, P.E., CPE
Some of the most crucial issues in lubricant management involve getting the right lubricant to the right place at the right time. On many occasions, getting these things “right” is not particularly problematic. What happens, however, when...
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Author:Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor
Ken Bannister, Contributing Editor As this July 4th rolled around, my thoughts drifted back to 1776 and the excitement that must have surrounded America's independence from British rule. Yet, as the British lamented their loss of the...
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Author:Lance Wilkinson Rentech, Inc.
By the time I joined Rentech in 2000, the three Clark TCV 16 engine/compressors compressing hydrogen and nitrogen at our East Dubuque Ammonia Plant had begun experiencing shortened packing life. Packing life on the 4600 psi 3rd and 4th stages—that...
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Author:LMT Staff
DECKER TO HEAD TYCO FLOW CONTROL Patrick Decker has been named president of Tyco Flow Control, a business segment of Tyco International and one of the world's largest providers of fl ow control products. Decker joined Tyco in May 2003 as the CFO of...
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Author:LMT Staff
Plant operations rely on proper and consistent performance from air compressors—when compressors fail, production can quickly be brought to a halt. Accurate compressor lubricant selection is essential to prevent lubricant-related issues that could...
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Author:LMT Staff
Pump-Operated Piston Bins Assmann's 400-gallon polyethylene, non-pressure piston bins are ideal for transporting and storing viscous products up to 500,000 centipoise. They function via a pump operated system that both fills and discharges...
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Author:Ray Thibault, CLS, OMA I and II and Mark Graham, CLS, CLGS, O'Rourke Petroleum
Plant-wide oil mist systems have been in use in numerous reliability-minded refineries and petrochemical plants since the mid-1960s. The 8th (2000) and subsequent editions of the API-610 Standard for centrifugal pumps also have described...
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Author:Ray Thibault, CLS, OMA I and II Contributing Editor
Part II: Selection Improved equipment operation and energy savings are two welcome benefits associated with the selection of the correct synthetic for the job. All synthetics are not alike. Selection should be based on the optimum...
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