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0708market1Rechargeable Leak-Detection Kit

The Spectroline® OPK-340 Industrial Leak-Detection Kit features the cordless, rechargeable Optimax™ 3000 blue-light LED leak-detection flashlight with a 20-ft. inspection range and an LED life of 50,000 hours. The kit provides dyes for both water-based systems and synthetic and petroleum-based fluids, which pinpoint leaks by glowing when illuminated by the flashlight. Dye cleaner, AC and DC chargers and fluorescence-enhancing glasses are included.
Spectronics Corp.
Westbury, NY

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0708market2Fluid & Air Nozzle For High-Temp PD Pumps

Oil-Rite's spray nozzle for the PurgeX® positive displacement pump allows for function near machinery operating at high temperatures. Co-axial tubing delivers both fluid and air to the target area, but keeps the dispensing mechanism at a safe distance from the heat source. The PurgeX is integrated into machinery as a lubrication system, where it can create an adjustable spray without the use of multiple lines and an air regulator.
Oil-Rite Corp.
Manitowoc, WI

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Renewal Service Reformulates Oils & Chemicals

Full Circle Renewal™ from Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Co. processes used oils and chemicals back to their original specification or will reformulate them to meet specific application needs. Because the service reduces inventory and disposal expenses, cost savings compared to purchasing new fluids can reach 60%, according to the company.
Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Co.
Rockford, IL

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0708market4Low-Friction Shaft-Sealing Solution

The low-friction Waveseal® from SKF features a specially molded radial lip design that forms a sinusoidal, or wave, pattern around the shaft surface of rotating machinery. This type of pattern allows lubricant to be pumped back to the bearings, promoting optimized lubricant retention while sealing out contaminants. The Waveseal is an alternative to conventional double-lip seals. Its design leads to a cooler-running seal and reduced lip pressure and shaft wear.
Lansdale, PA

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0708market5Sliding Vane Pumps With Optional Heating

Blackmer® has upgraded the 2.5" and 3" models of its NP Series Sliding Vane Pumps with optional electric heating. The option can be used in place of jacketed heads to provide pump heating for applications that normally require jackets, including the handling of asphalt, bitumen, molasses and lube oils. The company continues to offer jacketed heads for customers needing NP pumps with steam and hot-oil capabilities.
Grand Rapids, MI

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Petroleum-Product Test Manual

ASTM International's latest edition of Manual 1, Significance of Tests for Petroleum Products includes analytical procedures and specifications for a range of petroleum products. The book also cross-references and lists ISO, API, OECD, IP, EPA, DIN and EPS methods, where applicable. Topics include sampling techniques, fuel oxygenates, lubricant base fluids and more. Updates include chapters on biodiesel, synthetic fuel oils and how to determine inorganic species in petroleum products.
ASTM International
West Conshohocken, PA

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0708market7Automated Protection From Overfilling

SIS-TECH's Automated Overfill Protection System (AOPS) is designed to prevent dangerous overfill conditions in terminals, tank farms and process vessels. This AOPS is a low-cost, stand-alone, independent, non-PE logic solver suitable for use up to SIL 3. Rated for -30 to +75 C, the AOPS can be installed in the harshest process units near the tank and communicate with the control system via hardwire, Modbus, Ethernet or wireless.
Houston, TX

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