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0513mplacespmPortable, High-Powered Vibration Analyzer

SPM Instrument has introduced a new member of its Leonova line of portable, high-powered vibration analyzers. Incorporating SPM HD technology, the rugged Leonova Emerald®, a sibling of the company’s feature-rich Leonova Diamond®, provides razor-sharp spectrums even where signals are weak and low in energy content. Its excellent signal-to-noise ratio, the manufacturer says, offers a distinct advantage when dealing with equipment like gearboxes, where weak signals are present among stronger ones. Measurement-data-processing, machine-fault-symptom computation and trending are all done in the instrument. Leonova Emerald also comes in an EX-approved version for hazardous environments. 

SPM Instrument, Inc.
Eugene, OR

0513mplaceabbAC Drives With Revamped Architecture 

ABB’s new low-voltage, industrial AC drive portfolio is built on a common architecture, designed to simplify operation, optimize energy efficiency and maximize output. The architecture lets the drives control virtually any type of AC motor, and interface across all major fieldbus protocols and remote monitoring solutions. Integrated safety features include safe torque-off (STO) that can prevent unexpected startup. 

New Berlin, WI

0513mplacesmithRemote Cable-Drive Valve Operator 

Smith Flow Control’s FlexiDrive cable drive system allows remote operation of valves in hard-to-reach or inaccessible locations. Its flexible linear drive cable connects a hand wheel to a valve up to 100 feet away, and can operate in water up to 50’ and temperatures from -65 to +400 F. Capable of delivering adequate torque output for most manual valve situations, the system can transmit drive to a valve up to 60 meters from the operator station. This product is suitable for use with any conventional wheel-operated industrial valve/device, including oil, gas and chemical-processing applications.

Smith Flow Control
Erlanger, KY

0513mplacereliableAuto-Calibrating CO2 Sensor 

The SMART-Sensor™ LCD from Reliable Controls now includes an integrated CO2 sensor option with an auto-calibration feature that can establish a baseline CO2 level for any space. The easy-to-program sensor allows users to connect with up to 10 configurable parameters. The unit also includes a non-dispersive infrared optical sensor, a 0-2000 PPM range and optional manual calibration. I/O and humidity and occupancy sensors are available. 

Reliable Controls Corp.
Victoria, BC, Canada

0513mplaceflukeThermal Imagers With Simultaneous Electrical Readings 

Fluke’s expanded CNXTM Wireless Test Tools system includes Ti1XX Series Thermal Imagers with a free upgrade in SmartView® software that enables the imager to capture and display electrical measurements wirelessly. The system is a set of test tools that wirelessly connects multiple measurement modules and sends simultaneous readings to a CNX main unit up to 20 meters away. 

Fluke Corp.
Everett, WA

0513mplacemeggittRadiation-Resistant Vibration Monitoring 

Meggitt’s radiation-hardened vibration sensors meet specific requirements for the reliability of monitoring equipment in nuclear environments. Operable up to 248 F (120 C), mechanical components used in its Wilcoxon 793R sensors can tolerate a cumulative radiation exposure of 1 x 107 RADs and still meet original manufacturing specifications. Model 797R is a side-exit, low-profile IsoRing accelerometer with tight sensitivity tolerance of 100 mV/g, ±5%. Its velocity transducer houses ultra-low-noise electronics for clear signals at very low vibration levels, and has a frequency range of 2 Hz to 7 kHz. 

Meggitt Sensing Systems
Germantown, MD