A Special Green Edge Lube Showcase

mj10ge1High-Viscosity Bio-Based Lubes

Formulated from renewable, biodegradable vegetable oils, the LubriMatic Green™ products from Plews/Edelmann are designed to replace and mix readily in conventional petroleum products for a more environmentally friendly lubricant. With its high viscosity index, bio-based oil is less likely to "thin down" at high temperatures, which leads to lower operating temperatures and a higher degree of lube safety, especially in high-speed applications.
Dixon, IL

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Ceramics-Industry Lubricant

Hutch 101 Green is a non-soap, water-based lubricant with all the benefits of oil-based formulations, but none of the downsides. The company says this environmentally safe product designed to meet the needs of the ceramics industry also costs less than oil-based lubes.
Hutch 101
Fort Worth, TX

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Soy-Based Alternatives To Conventional Hydraulic Fluids

ELM notes that its Biotechbased SoyFluid™ Hydraulic Industrial (ISO 46 & 68) oils are formulated with optimized USA-grown natural seed oils that surpass the lubricity of most conventional oils. They're particularly suited for use near water, as well as in forests and other environmentally sensitive areas.
Environmental Lubricants Mfg., Inc.
Grundy Center, IA

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Replacements For Your Petroleum-Based Gear Oils

United Bio Lube's Bio Gear Oils are non-hazardous, high-performance gear lubricants engineered as drop-in replacements for petroleum-based formulas. Meeting the newest OEM industrial requirements for premium, heavy-duty energy-conserving gear oils, they're compounded with an environmentally friendly zinc-free additive that meets API Service Classifications for Ashless GL-3, GL-4 & GL-5 type gear lubricants.
United Bio Lube
Palo Alto, CA

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High-Pressure Hydraulic Oils For Marine Service

Marine-Safe Hydraulic Oils from Lubriplate are a line of high-performance, antiwear products for use in high-pressure equipment that operates in environmentally sensitive areas. The biodegradable oils are formulated with premium-quality USP white mineral oils and an ashless "zinc-free" antiwear additive system. Non-toxic to aquatic life, they exceed U.S. EPA LC50 test requirements adopted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the EPA.
Newark, NJ

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Biodegradable High-Temp Grease Formulation

Bio-High Temp 180 E.P. Grease from Renewable Lubricants is a high-temperature, bio-based grease characterized by a super-high-viscosity-index base. Containing no heavy metals or other environmentally undesirable additives, such as chlorine, barium or lead, its performance is supported by an environmentally friendly extreme pressure additive. This multipurpose, lithium complex grease also provides good cold-temperature mobility.
Renewable Lubricants
Palo Alto, CA

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Low-Temperature Food Grade Grease

INOX-mx6, distributed by Green-Tech Lubricants, is a food grade, fully synthetic, extreme pressure grease suitable for use in below-zero temperatures, especially in the refrigerated, frozen food and beverage industries. This non-toxic grease can operate from -30 C up to short bursts of 300 C without breaking down, and meets US FDA and USDA requirements.
Green-Tech Lubricants, Inc.
Greenfield, IN

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