Streamlining Turnaround Processes To Meet Schedules And Budgets


How’s your current approach to scheduled maintenance events working for your operations?

Although most inspection, maintenance and repair work can be done while a plant is online, planned turnarounds, shutdowns and outages are necessary to maintain safe and efficient operations. These types of scheduled events, however, put a major strain on a plant’s maintenance resources and budgets. Partnering with the right service provider can make these expensive, time-consuming projects easier for everyone involved. That’s where Team Industrial Services (Team) comes in.

Team provides complete turnaround, shutdown and outage services with just one phone call. You get the manpower, equipment and know-how necessary to complete your project safely, on schedule and on budget. Turnaround services include on-stream leak sealing, hot tapping, line stopping, line freezing, field machining, bolt tensioning and torquing, valve repairs, pipe isolation and weld testing, field heat-treating, fugitive emissions control (LDAR), NDT/NDE and inspections. 


One of the main advantages of the Team Industrial Services approach to scheduled maintenance events is that an owner/operator has only one contractor to deal with. 

Other features and benefits of the Team approach include…

  • 24-hour access to Team’s trained, skilled, flexible and safety-certified technicians
  • Faster communications via a single Team supervisor
  • Reduced multi-contractor schedules and conflicts 
  • Fewer required safety permits 
  • Fewer technical personnel in units (which reduces exposure for safety incidents and risks)
  • Fewer in-plant contractor vehicles (which reduces the chance of accidents)
  • Fewer invoices (which saves you time and provides more financial flexibility with projects)

Repair and in-process control procedures or processes are standardized, written and followed to reduce chance of error. Team’s written quality-assurance/quality-control job manuals are continuously updated, maintained and followed, and its ISO 9001 inspector monitors the company’s hardware quality. 

The result of all this… 
Your own personnel get to concentrate on your company’s core business.

Team operates around the clock and works directly for manufacturing facilities, as well as for some of the world’s largest contractors. It utilizes more than 3000 trained, experienced technicians to respond quickly to industry ‘s many needs. MT

Team, Inc.
Alvin, TX


On-Site Field Machining And Valve Repair

Common turnaround applications of Team’s on-site field machining and valve repair services include: 

Line boring: Onturbine couplings; gearboxes; boiler feed water pumps;bearing seats; wicket gates; and stern ubes.

Flange facing: Onheat exchangers; tube sheets; channel heads; dollar plates; pipe, valve and pump seats; plus precision beveling applications on pipes and valves.

Valve repair & grinding: On in-line valve seals, nozzles, throats and seats; gate and globe-valve grinding and lapping; in-place repair of check and safety valves; refurbishment of critical nuclear main steam isolation valves.

Portable key and 3-axis mills: Precision cuts of keyways, slots and pockets on shafts; flat-surface milling of turbines, motor bases and horizontal joints on steam turbines; and retrofitting of track carriers.

Portable lathes: On-site precision re-turning of turbine, bearing-journal and pump shafts; resurfacing of motor drive shafts; and repairing of paper-making machine rollers.


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