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0910ps1Air/Oil Lubrication System

Bijur Delimon's SPIN-REV Lubricator eliminates residual drift of oil fog or mist during operation. Utilizing a pressurized oil supply and individual metering devices, it can carry a wide range of viscosities to a variety of high-speed, single- and multi-spindle applications. Small quantities of oil are delivered in continuous mode to lube points through flexible lines. A separate oil line is contained coaxially within the air line, preventing condensation from forming.
Bijur Delimon
Morrisville, NC

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0910ps2Pistol-Grip Grease Gun

Operating at 7500 psi, Alemite's PRIME Pistol Grip Grease Gun includes a dual-leverage feature for operating in volume or pressure mode, an ergonomic, rugged cast handle and a universal follower for cartridge and bulk use. The gun delivers an ounce of grease per 30 strokes and has a cylinder capacity of 16 ounces. A heavy-duty follower spring maintains prime.
Fort Mill, SC

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0910ps3Tough Stenter Synthetic

Klüber Lubrication's Klübersynth CTH 2-260 is formulated for oil-lubricated stenters operating at high temperatures and under increased loads. The company notes that this synthetic doesn't form lacquer-like residues and evaporates only slightly at high temperatures. The improved viscosity/temperature relation, characterized by a high viscosity index, leads to improved machine cold-starts and reduced power consumption.
Klüber Lubrication
Londonderry, NH

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Extreme-Pressure, Food Grade Synthetic

CRC's Syntha-Tech™ with PTFE is a non-flammable, zero-VOC blend of synthetics for extreme-pressure applications. NSF H1-registered for use in meat and poultry operations, it stands up in temperatures ranging from -40 to 450 F. According to the company, the product's PTFE additive minimizes surface contact and friction to reduce wear, extend equipment life and maintain peak operating conditions.
CRC Industries
Warminster, PA

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0910ps4Laser Level For Oiler Installation

Trico's Opto Laser Level is designed to make installation of the company's Opto-Matic Constant Level Oiler quicker and more accurate than in the past. No measuring, leveling or marking is needed. Made of nickel-plated die-cast aluminum to withstand harsh environments, it automatically adjusts oil-levels, verifies existing oil-level set-ups and can be used on previously installed or new oilers.
Trico Corp.
Pewaukee, WI

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0910psextraVacuum Cleans Large Coolant Sumps

EXAIR's 110 Gallon Chip Trapper removes solids such as chips, swarf and shavings from large sumps of used coolants and other liquids. According to the company, coolant that once lasted six weeks can now last six months or more. All solids are trapped in a reusable filter bag, then with a turn of a flow valve, clean liquid is pumped back out.
Cincinnati, OH

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0910psextra2Tough, Reusable Nuts

Designed to withstand loosening from vibration, Hard Lock Nuts from Fasteners Plus are intended for critical applications, helping provide a secure connection for safety, as well as reduced maintenance and inspection costs. The nut incorporates a wedge principle to create a self-locking force, preventing screws from coming loose and bolts from breaking. Because there's no abrasion between the concave and convex elements, the nut is reusable. These products have passed the American Vibration and Impact Test NAS 3350/NAS 3354.
Fasteners Plus
Inverness, IL

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New Website

T he new Inpro/Seal Website ( covers each of the company's technologies, including the Original Bearing Isolator, Air Mizer®, Current Diverter Ring™ (CDR®)and Motor Grounding Seal (MGS®). Users can calculate the ROI of their Inpro/Seal products, submit electronic RFQs, run helpful product animations and more.
Inpro/Seal Co.
Rock Island, IL

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0910ps5Improved Food Grade Compressor Fluids

Improvements to Petro-Canada's PURITY FG Compressor Fluids were made to provide better oxidation stability and anti-wear properties for stronger performance, less downtime and longer equipment life. They can be used in more severe applications, hotter conditions and more difficult environments and/or more oxidatively stressful operations. All fluids comply with FDA 21 CFR178.3570 "Lubricants with incidental food contact," and are H1-registered by NSF.
Petro-Canada Lubricants, Inc.
Mississauga, ON

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0910ps6Water-Based Degreaser

JNJ Industries' GlobalTech® Heavy Duty Degreaser (HDD) is more than 90% water-based, with 100% active ingredients. It's available in concentrate form, pre-mixed with water or in pre-saturated disposable wipes for quick cleanup of both machinery and parts. This environmentally friendly cleaner has been certified as a Clean Air Solvent by the South Coast (CA) Air Quality Management District.
JNJ Industries, Inc.
Franklin, MA

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0910ps7Zero-Maintenance Bearings

Optional zero-maintenance sealed bearings for Schmidt Offset couplings from Zero-Max feature needle bearings with internal micro-poly lubrication, eliminating the need for coupling lubrication. The absence of lube fittings makes for a cleaner coupling setup. The couplings are designed to handle high amounts of parallel offset up to 17" and torque capacities up to 459,000 in-lbs.
Zero-Max, Inc.
Plymouth, MN

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0910ps8MQL System For CNC Machines

UNIST offers the Uni-Max Revolution™, a minimum quantity lubrication system that lets users customize lubricant output for individual tools in their CNC machines. Referred to as MQL technology, it applies small amounts of lubricant to the interface where the cutting tool meets the material being worked. The manufacturer says this reduces friction, removes heat, keeps the part cool and can save up to 90% on fluid-related costs.
Grand Rapids, MI

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Comprehensive Condition-Monitoring

WATCHMAN Intensive Care services by Azima DLI allow plant personnel to quickly initiate online monitoring of machines in need of attention by professional analysts. This service is enabled by the Sprite Roamer™ Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the newest addition to the company's Sprite online monitoring system family. The Roamer ICU is a portable device that can easily be moved to a machine's location and be commissioned by plant personnel with minimal training.
Azima DLI
Woburn, MA

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0910ps9Self-Priming Gear Pumps

Clark Solutions' UP Series of compact, self-priming gear pumps come with nickel-plated bronze or PTFE gears, stainless steel or brass pump bodies and stainless drive shafts. Uses include: the transfer of oil, fuel or antifreeze; the pumping of seawater, acids and/or alkaline solutions; and the processing of water. An optional, built-in pressure control on some models can maintain a factory-programmed pressure setting via a micro-processor-based variable speed control circuit that uses an internal pressure sensor for loop feedback.
Clark Solutions
Hudson, MA

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0910ps10Improve Breather Life & Efficiency

JLM notes that its OILMISER™ Reservoir Aspirator for air breathers incorporates two independent, unidirectional passageways in a single cast aluminum body. When the oil level drops, replacement air can enter the reservoir only through the filter above the Inflow Control Gate. When the oil level rises, internal fumes and gases inside the reservoir can exhaust only through the Exhaust Control Outlet port. The absence of back flow helps increase breather service life and efficiency.
JLM Systems Ltd.
Richmond, BC

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0910ps11Lubricate And Loosen

Kano's Sili Kroil combines the company's Kroil lubricant with dymethyl silicones. According to the manufacturer, it penetrates to spaces as small as one-millionth of an inch as it dissolves rust and works to loosen frozen metal parts. The non-evaporating product is suitable for use on bearings, hinges, gate valves, slides, chains, locks and more.
Kano Laboratories, Inc.
Nashville, TN

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