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Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid Boosts Die-Caster's Productivity And More

When an auto-parts maker needed heightened performance, a switch to this synthetic was an important part of the solution.

With downtime at an unacceptable level in an auto-parts maker's die-casting operation, a solution was needed to not only boost equipment uptime, but also meet higher performance and productivity demands. After an assessment of operating conditions, product chemistry, equipment inefficiencies and performance expectations, specialists from Quaker Chemical Corp. suggested a conversion from water glycol (HFC) fire-resistant hydraulic fluid to a higher-performance product, specifically its biodegradable QUINTOLUBRIC 888 series fire-resistant hydraulic fluid (HFD).

HFD hydraulic fluids are fire-resistant and do not contain water. They're usually based on synthetic base stocks or esters that combine reasonable to good fire-resistant properties with excellent lubrication performance. According to the manufacturer, QUINTOLUBRIC HFD is engineered to maximize performance of equipment that's designed to operate with customary mineral-oil technology.

When conversion at the die-cast operation was complete, operating results showed significant improvement: Pump wear was reduced by 91%, and seal life increased by 250%. The die-caster also noticed that pump and motor noise were reduced and that fluid adjustments were no longer necessary, saving additional time and resources. Based on previous measurements, this end-user could now expect its pumps to run up to 10 years on the QUINTOLUBRIC fluids, compared with a maximum of two years on water glycol fluids.

Quaker notes that the additional material cost of HFDs is outweighed by their benefits, especially where high performance is needed. Furthermore, the QUINTOLUBRIC 888 series products are not only biodegradable, they provide low aquatic toxicity, which makes them appropriate for environmentally sensitive applications. These fluids are approved by FM Approvals, a member of the FM Global group, as a less-hazardous hydraulic fluid. They are also typically compatible with other HFD-U type fluids with similar chemistries, as well as with mineral oils. LMT

Quaker Chemical Corp.
Conshohocken, PA

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0910ge2Wind-Turbine Lube System

The Timken® Wind Energy Lubrication System supplies wind-turbine main shaft bearings with continuous lubrication via a single pump working with either a series-progressive or injector-based form delivery. The HP (series-progressive)system, uses a conventional method for the pressure-purging of old grease. The LP (injector-based) system has an active-purge system to remove old grease without internal bearing-cavity pressure. Both systems deliver up to NLGI No. 2 grease. Both feature an 8-liter standard grease reservoir for 1X yearly maintenance, with stirring paddle and wiper to minimize air pockets and grease separation.
The Timken Co.
Canton, OH

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Non-Toxic Cable-Pulling Fluid

Techni-Glide from Hydrotex® is an environmentally "intelligent" fluid designed for use in all types of cable-pulling operations, particularly where there's a concern over ground water, soil or water contamination. This fluid is non-toxic, non-bioaccumulative, chemically inert and has low VOC. It enables smooth cable pulling under high sidewall bearing pressures and leaves no sticky residue after drying. According to the company, the product is compatible with all commonly used cable-jacket and conduit materials, and the application rate is up to 60% less than other pulling lubricants.
Farmers Branch, TX

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0910ge3Worm-Gear Replacements

Grove Gear says that its IronMan E Series gear reducer, which runs at 90% efficiency to maximize system effectiveness, offers rapid ROI through reduced operating cost and motor downsizing opportunities. With mounting base kits, this compact product can be dropped in as a direct replacement for multiple sizes of worm-gear speed reducers. (The manufacturer notes that because of its modular versatility, the E Series fits 90% of the U.S. worm gear market.) Shaft kits ranging from 1" to 1-1/2" are designed to plug into a standard hollow output shaft. Four models are available, with double reduction ratios from 7.8:1 to 60:1 and power to 8.50 hp. Triple reduction units are available by adding a ratio multiplier. The E Series is packed with a number of premium features, including synthetic lubricant, covers sealed with o-rings and Viton® double-lip seals.
Grove Gear
Union Grove, WI

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Green Insight At FABTECH 2010

Does "going green" have to be drain on your bottom line? Quite the contrary. In a "Make Green by Going Green" discussion November 3, at FABTECH 2010 (, in Atlanta, GA, experts will focus on ways manufacturers can gain a competitive advantage through sustainable practices. Led by Kristin Pierre, green supplier network manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with panelists from a variety of manufacturers, the presentation will provide insight on how implementing a practical lean and green approach to consuming water, gas, utilities and raw materials can benefit both a company and the environment.

FABTECH 2010 will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center. It's a fitting venue for what organizers note is the largest trade show in North America dedicated to a full spectrum of metal forming, fabricating, stamping, tube and pipe, finishing and welding equipment and technology. Admission is free with advance registration before October 30.
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA)
Rockford, IL

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