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What’s in a Lubricant: Characteristics of Grease
There’s more to selecting the right grease than you might have thought.
Selecting the Correct Bearing Seal This expert advice will help simplify your application-specific decisions about external seal types.
The Benefits Of Lubrication Certification Professional-development rewards run deep for both end-users and suppliers.

Here's some of the devices, carts and lubricant-management systems that have shown up on our editors' radar screens.

0910showcase1FlowGuard™ LT Series Lubricant Management System

Des-Case’s FlowGuard LT Series Lubricant Management System (LT-LMS) incorporates multiple technologies in a single unit to keep lubricants clean before they enter your equipment. Sturdy, stackable and customizable storage pods free up valuable floor space, while features like quick-disconnects and desiccant breather filters help keep fluids clean and dry. High-density polyethylene and steel tanks are available in a range of sizes with a variety of hose-end connections. Each container features a dedicated pump and motor and allows for the management of a number of lubricant types.
Des-Case Corp.
Goodlettsville, TN

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0910showcase330080 Vacuum-Powered Oil Cart

Sage Oil’s 30080 Cart, part of its Vac Streamline Shop Series, is suited to both shop and factory environments. The unit’s small size means it can fit in almost any space and ease fluid changes. It works via the same vacuum and pressure process as the company’s larger systems. Intended for fluid recovery only, the 30080 has a 30-gal. used-oil tank and an integrated off-load hose. Other features include a filter stinger and a 3/4” x 15’ hose with manual hose wrap.
Sage Oil Vac, Inc.
Amarillo, TX

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0919showcase3IFH 3060 Mobile Lubrication Cart

IFH Group’s 3060 Mobile Lubrication Cart can hold six separate products, each in 15-gal. polyethylene containers that feature molded-in gallon markers, 5” flip-lid fill caps, permanent suction tubes and outlet fittings. The cart has a 3/4” reversible air-operated diaphragm pumping system with filter-regulator-lubricator, air shut-off valve and a 10’ product dispensing hose with an on/off control handle. The unit’s base functions as a large drip pan, helping to eliminate spills. Other features include a tight turning radius and storage space for oil cans, rags, grease guns and more.
IFH Group
Rock Falls, IL

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0919showcase4Three Speed Bulk Transfer Cart (patent pending)

Liquidynamics’ Three Speed Bulk Transfer Cart incorporates a gearbox that allows the pump to be used with a range of viscosities up to 3150 cps. By simply shifting gears, a user can pump “thin” fluids like 100% antifreeze or hydraulic oil at 40 GPM, medium-viscosity fluids like 10W30 motor oil at 20 GPM, or “thick” fluids like 120 wt gear oil at 10 GPM. Constructed of heavy-gauge 1” powder-coated steel tubing, the cart features a 2 ½-gal. drip catch tank with convenient drain valve for dealing with drippage.
Wichita, KS

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0910showcase5OIL MISER™ FILLorDRAIN™

The OIL MISER FILLorDRAIN from JLM Systems standardizes fluid-handling procedures by closing the loop on airborne contamination from drum to reservoir or vice versa. Available in tank- and drum-mounted versions, its cast aluminum body has two separate internal cavities, one an oil passage, the other an air passage. A 5-micron replaceable air filter prevents unfiltered air from entering the reservoir or drum when internal fluid levels change. As shown in the accompanying photo, the product is offered with an external port that allows oil sampling under operating conditions.
JLM Systems Limited
Richmond, BC, Canada

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0910showcase6Model 5265 Portable Oil Dispensing System

National-Spencer says its Model 5265 Portable Oil Dispensing System is ideal for synthetic oil or for when mobility is needed to dispense bulk oils. The 17-gal. wheel-mounted tank is equipped with a level gauge and a loading funnel with an anti-splash rim. A 3:1 ratio pump delivers 3.7 gallons per minute. The unit also features an air regulator with a gauge, filter and an automatic water drain. Its 3” front and 6” rear wheels with ball bearings make for smooth and easy rolling.
National-Spencer, Inc.
Wichita, KS

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