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SSCo Logo Color w tagLearn How to Clean Tanks Faster and Lower Operating Costs

Automated tank cleaning offers many benefits – cleaner tanks, less downtime and improved worker safety. But selecting the best equipment for your operation can be challenging because not all tank cleaning nozzles are created equal. A new white paper from Spraying Systems Co. will show you how to reduce cleaning time, minimize chemical/water consumption and improve cleaning effectiveness while avoiding common problems like clogging. You’ll also learn about key factors that will allow you to compare the cost of ownership for different types of tank cleaning equipment.

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Analyzing electrical hazards in the workplace

By: Timothy L. Gauthier, Project Manager/ Senior Training Instructor AVO Training Institute

Dennis K. Neitzel, CPE, Director Emeritus- AVO Training Institute

Mark Ackerson, Senior Consultant- AVO Training Institute

When it comes to risk assessment, educating leadership on all of their available options is critical.

The need for analyzing electrical hazards in the workplace has been recognized by a small segment of the industry for many years. The petrochemical industry and many government institutions have performed research on this subject for over thirty years. For the most part, however, the user level of the electrical industry has largely ignored the subject, essentially reacting to catastrophic accidents rather than proactively trying to predict and prevent them. The Arc-Flash incident that completely destroyed the front of the electricians’ shirt, along with severely burning the electrician could have been prevented if management and the worker completely understood the electrical maintenance hazards.  This article will provide an overview of the three principle types of electrical maintenance hazards, along with a discussion of the standards and regulations pertaining to the subject.

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New Oil Filtration

By: Harvard Corporation

As surprising as it may seem, most new oils purchased today are not filtered before being sold. Yes, the new oil is refined, looks translucent and visually appears clean, but when viewed at a microscopic level it contains unwanted particles. In many cases, the filtered oil in the equipment being replaced has less unwanted particles than the new unfiltered oil being added during an oil change.

Click here to download Harvard Corporation's White Paper.


Overall vibration, severity levels and crest factor plus

By: Fluke Corporation

Mechanical Vibration is a notoriously difficult subject matter to master. A quick glance at a textbook in the field shows that the advanced practitioner must master sophisticated concepts in mathematics and physics in order to accurately collect and interpret vibration data. This has caused a major problem for industrial plants—the benefits of a vibration testing program are well known, but far too many plants choose to avoid vibration testing because of the perceived complexity.

Fluke aims to solve this dilemma by developing easy to use vibration products that yield significant benefits without requiring advanced training by end-users. Fluke’s first vibration product, released in 2010, was the 810 Vibration Tester (see picture on next page). The 810 is a vibration spectrum analyzer that includes an automated diagnostic engine that identifies the four most common root causes of abnormal machinery vibration: misalignment, unbalance, looseness, and bearing faults. The 810 is dramatically easier to use than existing spectrum analyzers because the interpretation of frequency spectrum data is automated. The user simply sees a severity scale for each of the four faults listed above.

Click here to download Fluke's White Paper.

Checking voltage frequency ratio on variable speed drives with the new Fluke 2-channel ScopeMeter®
190 Series II portable oscilloscope

By: Fluke Corporation

With their unique triggering and measuring functions, Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series II portable oscilloscopes are ideal for analyzing the voltage-frequency ratio of pulse-width-modulated variable speed drives. Click here to download Fluke's White Paper.

Wireless Test Tools Can Cut Troubleshooting Time

By: Fluke Corporation

The automation of more and more processes and operations in today’s factories and commercial buildings is helping to reduce energy consumption and increase safety and productivity as never before. However, automation has also added a large dose ofcomplexity for the technicians who maintain and troubleshoot the systems. Click here to learn how Fluke's CNX 3000 Wireless system can help. 

Do You Control Your Maintenance, Or Is It Controlling You?

By: PEAK Industrial Solutions

Are you struggling with a high ratio of emergency (unplanned) to planned work orders, a huge backlog, a lack of sufficient resources, an inability to balance the work load, constant work interruptions, not having parts when needed, recurring failures, and much more. In these lean times, when more is expected from fewer resources, having a highly efficient maintenance program with thoughtful planning and scheduling is the key to success.  

This white paper will help you reduce maintenance costs and maximize efficiency. Click here to download the White Paper.

Gates Fluid Power Systems eBook

By: Gates Corporation

As tools and technologies advance, modern fluid power systems are under greater pressure than ever to perform safely and precisely. Download this four-chapter Gates Fluid Power eBook to learn about innovative whole-system approaches to component selection and assembly, testing, safety measures, diagnostics and monitoring.

Chapter 1: Innovative Solutions for Hydraulic System Challenges

Building a hydraulic system with matching components is vital to optimizing productivity. Read about a whole-system approach to ensuring the proper components are selected and correctly installed, and learn about solutions available for common hydraulic system issues.

Chapter 2: Successful Product Testing Through New Technologies & Collaboration

Learn about Gates sophisticated testing and improvement process for hydraulic hose systems. Gates continually refines the testing process for new and existing equipment, ensuring that all our products meet or exceed industry requirements.

Chapter 3: Maintaining a Safe Working Environment

Learn how take a proactive, whole-system approach to your safety and maintenance programs. Read tips on how to identify component weaknesses before system failure for a safe, efficient working environment.

Chapter 4: Advancements in Hose Monitoring, Diagnostics and Identification Practices

For years, mobile equipment operators and fleet managers relied on basic identification processes to monitor hose life. But with new technology like Gates Sentry™ Services, you now can estimate the life of a hose and get a text or email alert when there’s a problem—before the hose fails. 

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By: Gates Corporation

Over the past 60 years, Gates has pushed the limits of synchronous belt technology by advancing research into new compounds, additives, blending processes, jackets, tensile cord materials, and tooth profiles for superior belts. Download a guide to Gates line of synchronous belts that will enhance your understanding of the product line and what stands behind it.

  • Belt Anatomy 101: Learn the standard components of a Gates synchronous belt.
  • Tooth Profiles: Read a description and profile details for each Gates synchronous belt type.
  • Body Compounds and Jacketing Material: Gates belt materials are designed to meet specific needs for various applications.
  • Tensile cords: Learn the advantage and disadvantages of each material used for tensile cords, the muscle of a synchronous belt.
  • Alignment and tensioning: Understand how to achieve proper alignment and tensioning; minimize wear, noise and belt failure.
  • Sprockets and made-to-order metals: Belt and sprockets must work harmoniously to deliver a high-performance belt-drive system; we can create custom sprockets for any application.

Gates synchronous belt drive systems are highly engineered products manufactured with exacting precision. From design to manufacturing, learn how Gates continues to lead the way in the application of synchronous belt technology.

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Featured White Paper: Spraying Systems Co.

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Clean Tanks Faster and Lower Operating Costs

Understanding all the tank cleaning equipment options is difficult because not all tank cleaning nozzles are created equal. Let Spraying Systems Co. show you how to reduce cleaning time, minimize liquid consumption and improve cleaning effectiveness. 

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